SquatMaster 2.0 Resistance System

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Our SquatMaster 2.0 Resistance System is engineered to use band resistance to give you an intense workout from the comfort of your home.

Ladies, we all want to squat but who can afford a $1000 squat rack to squat at home? Don't worry, our promise is that you won't need the gym, period. We're bringing the squat rack to you at home through our revolutionary SquatMaster 2.0 Resistance System. 

Now, more than ever, it’s important to take the time to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

Benefits of working out with our SquatMaster 2.0 Resistance System:

Gets Your Booty Firm – If you are looking for the best method for toning your booty, then look no further than the SquatMaster 2.0

Everybody can benefit from a great butt and with the SquatMaster 2.0 Resistance System you can have one right from the comfort of your home! Squats help to tone the muscle in your butt, without placing added pressure on your back. So get your rear end in shape for the summer ladies, by doing your daily squats with the SquatMaster 2.0

One of the most beneficial things about squatting, is that it helps to tone your leg muscles. In addition to making your legs look great, the SquatMaster 2.0 helps to tone the quadriceps and hamstrings. You’ll be surprised at how many people notice your legs looking better than ever.

If you're not convinced yet, here's why else you need your very own SquatMaster 2.0: 

  • We've engineered the SquatMaster 2.0 to burn fat at an unprecedented rate, so that you're booty looks good and your body thanks you as well
  • Improves cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Activates all major muscle groups
  • Works abdominal muscles, leaving you with a core so strong you need to show it off
  • Elevates your heart rate and helps burn more calories
  • Boosts brain function
  • Improves digestion system
  • Creates good blood flow and allows for circulation of blood cells

Engineered with SafeTec™ to ensure your safety each and every workout. So, go all out, knowing your safety is our number one priority.

We only use sustainable long-lasting high quality materials to produce our workout systems in an attempt to ensure we're playing our part in product longevity and continuous extreme workouts.


About HomeBod

For over 10 years, HomeBod experts have helped our customers achieve their unique fitness goals.

We take great pride in being a premier distributor of high-quality home health and fitness products carrying only the finest exercise equipment to ensure efficiency while you work out. 

Our goal is to revolutionize what it means to work out. We want everyone to know they can get an incredible workout from the comfort of their home!

Our commitment to your fitness success keeps us motivated to continue to provide products that help you become better.

Cancel that nagging gym membership and join the HomeBod™ Workout Squad today. You'll thank yourself later.

Our priority is your complete satisfaction and we whole-heartedly believe that customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.

Customer Reviews

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Kelsey M.

OMG changed my life! literally exactly what i needed during this covid outbreak. perfect workout at home. came fast considering current situations

Jackie N.

SquatMaster 2.0 Resistance System

Pearl H.

great! my fav part of the total workout system. my sister got one 2

Claire M.

SquatMaster 2.0 Resistance System

Monica C.

Great! I've been using it for a week now and idk if it's just me but ummmm boooty